About Joint Effort

Is your company in search of support in poultry? Or perhaps it needs backing in a poultry project?

I’m open to discuss the possibilities, to do so please fill in the contact form or call/WhatsApp me. Looking forward to talking to you. Click here for my contact details. 

About ongoing partnerships:

The Dutch Kipster has a revolutionary vision on producing eggs. Their farms are designed around the needs and instincts of poultry. The layers consume quality feed, which consists of surplus ingredients from human food production. The brothers of the laying hens are not destroyed during incubation or directly killed after hatching, but raised for meat production. Like their sisters they grow in well-equipped houses with a focus on high animal welfare standards.

With GallinisGuide I’m involved in projects outside the Netherlands with support in realising new Kipster farms and with technical poultry support at Kipster farms worldwide.

The American company Phibro is active worldwide with sustainable products to offer responsible solutions, to help support the health of all animal species. One of these products; Integri-Phi is currently introduced to the European poultry market. This 100% natural plant-based product improves animal health and welfare and helps reduce antibiotic use by giving intestinal support.

With GallinisGuide I’m involved in the poultry market introduction strategy and implementation of Integri-Phi in some European countries.

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