About GallinisGuide

In the developed world the public opinion on how food should be produced is changing. Questions like “how do we deal with agricultural land and animals,” and “do we know where our food comes from” do become important elements in addition to having food. I believe that not only farmers, but the whole of the producing-and-supplying-food-chain needs to adapt to this new public insight. In other parts of the world, this change in mentality is less present because of a basic need for safe food or even the availability of food. Renewed agricultural insights, experiences and techniques from the developed regions can nevertheless be of support in fulfilling this need.

GallinisGuide must be part of the change that the public wants to see, taking into account the differences in local needs and possibilities.
All my professional activities are based on my technical know-how of poultry, whether this is on day-to-day farm management, nutrition, housing equipment, ventilation, animal well-being, bio-security issues or farm/business strategies.

With GallinisGuide I offer project based support for companies, either short-term or long-term. All this preferable in an international context.

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